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We believe there is no better way to truly learn a language than to be immersed in an environment where that language is the natural way to communicate. In our academy, we create an environment in which students are completely surrounded and constantly in contact with the language that is being taught.

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Everything our students hear and read is in Spanish. Our classrooms create a welcoming environment that fosters curiosity and conversation, introducing language elements, like sounds, words and expressions, that expose students to the same kind of environment they would be in when attending a class in a country where Spanish is the native language. Our goal is to give our students the same experience that a native Spanish speaker would receive in the classroom.

Our classes are based on personalized interactions that are tailored to the student, while allowing all students in the class to observe and participate in a natural way. The most important aspect of our classes is for our students to feel right at home while in class.

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frequently asked questions

How big are your classes?

Our groups are small, with no more than 4-6 students, in order to enable personalized instruction, as well as group activities where students are encouraged to communicate, inquire and express ideas. This way our students learn the language without realizing that they are being taught, as the process is always fun and interactive.

What are some of the benefits that your students get out of the program?

Our language immersion program is effective and has a proven and successful track record. Some of the benefits of our program are:

  • Students become more confident with the use of the language
  • Improved communication abilities (listening and speaking)
  • Students are motivated to continue learning
  • Improved self confidence and ability to speak to an audience

Who are your teachers?

Our teachers are native Spanish speakers who specialize in language instruction, have very specific training and several years of teaching experience.

Your methods are cutting edge. How do I know they work?

When compared with more traditional methods of language instruction, our Spanish immersion program has demonstrated to be the most effective and successful.

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