Mommy & Me

Our program is offered in different age based groups for children 6 months to 4 years of age. We promote the integral development of the child, stimulating his sensorimotor skills, cognitive and linguistic abilities, all while immersed in a Spanish language nurturing environment.

Choose your class according to the age group and schedule that is more convenient to you.

Give your child the gift of having the building blocks to enable thinking and communicating in a second language from an early age.

You can enroll any time if there is space available in a class. You do not need to wait for the beginning of the month, or the beginning of the session. Tuition will be pro-rated accordingly based on the time of enrollment.

There is a $60 registration fee for new enrollments.

You can start classes any time! Classes are taught all year long.

Please contact us if you do not see a class that fits your schedule, as we constantly have classes opening up, as well as waiting lists for classes based on the needs of our students.

NOTE:  Tuition fees for weekly group classes are for a calendar month of classes. There is no need to wait for the beginning of the month to enroll, we will pro-rate your tuition accordingly. The number of group classes in a given month can vary depending on the weekday when the class meets. For example: If a class is scheduled to meet on Mondays, most commonly there will be 4 classes in a month, but some months can have 5 classes (as some months will have 5 Mondays), whereas some months may actually have only 3 classes due to holidays, etc. In all cases the monthly tuition stays the same and has been set as an average taking all these factors into account.