School Policy


AUSTIN SPANISH ACADEMY weekly classes are held year-round and you can enroll at any time during the course of the year. Monthly tuition for the month of enrollment will be pro-rated based on the date of the first class attended.

Tuition fees for weekly group classes are for a calendar month of classes. There is no need to wait for the beginning of the month to enroll, we will pro-rate your tuition accordingly.  The number of group classes in a given month can vary depending on the weekday when the class meets.  For example:  If a class is scheduled to meet on Mondays, most commonly there will be 4 classes in a month, but some months can have 5 classes (as some months will have 5 Mondays), whereas some months may actually have only 3 classes due to holidays, etc.  In all cases the monthly tuition stays the same and has been set to average out all these factors.

Tuition fees for private lessons are per-class. The total tuition for the month will depend on the number of private lessons that are scheduled for that month, based on the class schedule.  Private classes that fall on holidays are not included when determining the total tuition for the month.

There is a $60 registration fee that covers the cost of educational materials that is charged to new and returning students once at enrollment time, and subsequently when a student progresses beyond his/her current level and therefore requires new books and materials associated with the next level of education. When enrolling into class as a new student, the registration fee becomes due at registration time and is non-refundable.

During Summer, we may provide week long Summer Camp sessions in addition to our regular weekly classes.

Tuition will be charged to your credit card the first week of each month. If you’d rather use other payment method like check, please pay by the fourth week of the previous month to avoid the charge to your card.

Payment is due at the moment of registration.

All tuition and fees are not refundable. Please read our cancellation and make-up class policy.



For in-person classes, our locations are equipped with a lobby/waiting area for parents who wish to wait while students are in class. Please be aware that parents ARE NOT ALLOWED to sit in the class or inside the classroom area. Having parents watching the class could be disruptive for the teacher, other students and your own child. Please wait in the lobby area until the class has finished. Please contact us if you have any specific concerns about this policy.


FOR GROUP CLASSES:  We are not able to offer live make-up classes.  If a student has to miss a scheduled group class, we require (at least) a 24-hour advance notice of the absence.  If advance notice is received, the class will be recorded and made available to the student to watch when convenient.  We strongly recommend watching the class and completing all activities and or homework arising from the missed class prior to attending the following class.

Please NOTE that there is ABSOLUTELY NO PRORATING NOR REFUND for missed classes.

FOR PRIVATE CLASSES:  If a student has to miss a scheduled private class, we require (at least) a 24-hour advance notice of the absence.  If advance notice is received, we will work with the student to schedule a make-up class that works for both the student and the teacher.  In the event that there is not a good time slot when a make-up class can be scheduled, credit for the missed class can be applied to the following month’s tuition.  Class credits are only valid for the student in question and cannot be applied for siblings or other family members.

FOR SUMMER CAMPS: There are no make-up classes nor refunds in case campers miss one or more days of their camp.


Please be on time for your class.

For in-person classes, do not “drop off” your child early or leave him/her at the classroom past their class time. Our staff needs time to get ready for the next class or go home at the end of the day. We are not equipped to watch/babysit children that are not enrolled on a class. There is a $2 fee per minute for children picked up after 10 min tolerance window.



A minimum of two weeks advance cancellation notice by email is required to stop the charge for the monthly tuition. Cancellations made after the two-week advanced notice period will be refunded less a $30 cancellation fee. Cancellations made THREE days or less before the first class of the month ARE NOT eligible for a refund.


Withdrawals from a summer camp session before it begins are refunded less a $60 cancellation fee provided you give us at least eight (8) days advanced notice. Due to instructor/school preparation costs, no refunds will be granted seven (7) days or less prior to the summer camp session’s start date.


Please be on time for your class.

For in-person classes, do not “drop off” your child early or leave them at the school past their class time. There are more classes after yours and we are not equipped to watch children that are not enrolled in a class.


Inclement weather policy applicable to in-person classes at AUSTIN SPANISH ACADEMY.

In the event of inclement weather, the decision to open or close AUSTIN SPANISH ACADEMY will be made as follows:

  • For morning classes, the decision will be made by 8:30 am,
  • For afternoon classes, the decision will be made by 1 p.m.

Please note that AUSTIN SPANISH ACADEMY DOES NOT follow local school district closings.

We will communicate class cancellations using the following methods:

  • Mass e-mail to all families.
  • Text-message (to those families who opted-in and activated this option).

AUSTIN SPANISH ACADEMY does not refund or credit for classes cancelled due to inclement weather closures, but we will work with our families to come up with a good way to make up for the missed class.

We want to stress that the safety of our students and families is of the utmost importance to us and we want everyone to use their best judgment at all times and make a judicious decision for you and your family based on road conditions in your area. Even though we may be open for classes, please don’t feel like you need to travel to the academy if you are questioning the safety of your car trip. Our ultimate goal with this policy is to keep everyone safe.


AUSTIN SPANISH ACADEMY is closed for the following holidays:

  • Spring Break (observed from March 11 through March 17)
  • Memorial Day (observed on Monday, May 27)
  • Independence Day (observed on Thursday, July 4)
  • Staff Development Week (July 29 through August 4)
  • Labor Day (observed on Monday, September 2)
  • Thanksgiving week (observed from November 25 through December 1)
  • Winter Break (observed from December 23, 2024 through January 5, 2025)

As parent/guardian/student, I assume all responsibilities and waive any claim for compensation for accidental injury incurred by my child/myself while at AUSTIN SPANISH ACADEMY premises, or otherwise at any other location while in the care of AUSTIN SPANISH ACADEMY staff, and hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless AUSTIN SPANISH ACADEMY, its agents, employees or servants, whether paid or volunteer, against any and all claims which may arise from *any* injury to said child/person while participating in this program.


We like to post photos and/or videos of our students in class, as well as of our students’ work in our Facebook page, Instagram feed, and website. Some of the photos are used in our printed materials as flyers and postcards.

If you’d prefer that pictures and/or videos of your student are not published, please send us an email indicating so, or use the “Comments” field in the Registration form to let us know.